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Together we create your website,
Social intranet or personal digital portal. 

Take advantage of standard software,
that we customize for you.

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It is time to share 
Your knowledge and experience.

Share, reply and work together online
with the Social Intranet of Seneca.

Sfeerbeeld Formulierenserver

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Create online forms using 'drag & drop' designer
and start the interaction.

All functionallity is available online and ready.
Whenever you want, wherever you are.

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Search all resource
from one single place

Easy to use
Fully managed

Customer centric

You build up, expand and strengthen the relationship with a customer in every contact. With Seneca's online applications, you support all forms of contact between the customer and organization: physically at the counter, by telephone from the KCC and online from the website and the digital counter. Read all about it in the theme Optimum customer contact.

  • High customer satisfaction
  • Always available (24/7)
  • Unambiguous answers
  • Online file formation
  • From request to settlement
  • Personal contact
  • Mobile friendly
  • Cost efficient

Digital Counter

With a digital counter, customers arrange their business online. At the time that suits the customer best. During office hours, but also after closing time. A digital counter completes your service. No replacement, but a welcome addition to the contact possibilities with your organization. You can read all about the Digital Desk on the Digital Desk product page.

  • Always accessible (24/7)
  • No queue
  • Less to no mistakes
  • Online insight current status
  • Save applications in the interim
  • Pay online
  • Links with Mid and Back Office
  • TPM for DigiD security assesment

(Toptasks) Website

Your target group wants to offer you a place where they are helped. A place that fits their wishes and shows that information in the corporate identity of the organization. But you want to get started quickly. How do you get the ideal website in the air in a short time? Seneca provides a ready-made web environment that you can adjust to your own wishes. You can read all about it on the Website & Intranet product page.

  • Fast online
  • Own graphical design
  • Responsive (mobile-friendly)
  • Modular
  • Workflow
  • Version management
  • Visitor and editorial statistics
  • Powerful CMS

Make an appointment online

Improve the customer experience by completing an appointment request online. Customers schedule an appointment quickly and easily, saving you time and money. The customer deals directly with the digital process online, with which an appointment is arranged. The 'make appointment' module is part of the Seneca Forms Server; the solution for Seneca online forms.

  • High customer satisfaction
  • Always accessible (24/7)
  • Customer determines suitable moment
  • Better attendance
  • From request to settlement
  • Link with own appointment system
  • Mobile friendly
  • Cost efficient
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