Sfeerbeeld van een wereldkaart met verschillende markers

Interactive Maps: Google Maps & more

Do you think of digital maps on your website? Then you think of Google Maps. Thanks to the ease, simplicity and versatility of Google Maps, the card functionality has become very popular. Many organizations use Google Maps for free to show interactive maps on their website. But recently Google Maps can only be used in combination with a payment model. How long can you use Google Maps for free? And what are the alternatives?

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Uitsnede vrouw met Smartphone in de hand
  • Theme Mobiel
  • Published on Tuesday, June 20, 2017

Mobile friendly websites

80% of Dutch people own a Smartphone. Not surprising that the visit of websites via a mobile phone rises every year. How your website looks on a Smartphone or tablet is becoming increasingly important. Not in the last place because search engines like Google also better assess a mobile-friendly site. How mobile-friendly is your website?

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Oude handen op laptop

Web Guidelines: accessible building

You want to reach people with your content. For that it is important that your website is accessible and the content matches the experience of the visitor. Whether a visitor is viewing your site via a PC or an Apple, a laptop or a smartphone: your site needs to work properly. To assess the quality and accessibility of a website, a guideline has been developed: the Web Guidelines. How do you ensure that your website complies with the web guidelines? And what do you actually have?

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Sfeerbeeld Manifest Open Standaarden
  • Theme
  • Published on Thursday, November 3, 2016

Open standards: apply or explain

Digital information is stored and shared according to a specific specification. To ensure that different ICT systems can read and process the same information, these specifications are standardized. Open standards are free of license rights and can therefore be used by all software suppliers. With the use of open standards, information is accessible, interchangeable and future-proof. What does Seneca do with Open standards?

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Sfeerbeeld gezicht vrouw met binaire code
  • Theme Privacy
  • Published on Thursday, September 1, 2016

Identify visitor behavior ?!

A lot of software is available for collecting visitor information and showing personalized content. A number of content management systems have also specialized in this: gathering information and presenting a unique internet experience. The presented website resembles the body of the visitor. Ideal. Or not?

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