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Updates & support

Do you have a question about our software or a new update? Do you need advice or do you experience a malfunction? Then contact our Service Desk. All service calls are quickly picked up. Whether your calls are reported by telephone, e-mail or via the support site, our professional staff are ready for you. They are well trained and have years of experience with our software. What can you be of service with?

Service Level Agreement

If you work with software, you sometimes need advice and support. The extent to which you need support is often dependent on several factors: how many applications and links are in use, how intensively are these applications used and is this use limited to office hours? The extent to which your organization needs support is recorded in a Service Level Agreement, or SLA.


In order to serve you as well as possible, we have optimized our processes. We monitor the duration of a call, consult regularly with your account manager and project manager and transfer knowledge from the project team to the service desk. We have an effective escalation procedure and have a dynamic test environment to be able to reproduce problems.

You follow the progress of calls via the support site. There you will find all your calls, status and correspondence. For personal contact and problem solving we use Service windows: varying from office hours to twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week. The choice for the service window that fits your organization is of course included in the SLA. 


Our software is always in development. By delivering updates we offer new functionality and improve our security continuously. The frequency with which new updates appear is recorded in the SLA. Do you always want to keep up with the latest software version? Then ask for our upgrade guarantee. This way you benefit from new functionality, your solution remains flexible and safe!

Request support

Do you want to know which SLA best suits your needs? Feel free to contact us.

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