Service Manager

A service manager guarantees the knowledge about the Seneca products that have been set up for you. He is your first point of contact for advice, starting a new project and your submitted calls. The Service Manager is an optional service within the service agreement. Are you looking for a sparring partner who knows all facets of your organization and your software? Together we select the Service Manager that fits your needs.

Customer expertise

A Service Manager is aware of what is happening within your organization and applications. He is a customer expert. He can properly assess the impact of the changes that you have in mind. This enables you to localize and manage project risks.

Frequent contact

In order to guarantee a good service, the Service Manager will regularly discuss wishes, changes, incidents and problems with you. In addition, the Service Manager evaluates the services at your location several times a year. This way we can determine whether you are satisfied and how we can continue to improve ourselves.

Request service manager

Curious about what a Service Manager can do for you? Contact us for the possibilities.

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