Sfeerbeeld project De Appelboom (gemeente Wijdemeren)

Wijdemeren | De Appelboom

Within the municipality of Wijdemeren, residents work together on projects in their living environment. Gemeente Wijdemeren supports these collaborations and offers a lot of space for this. In order to visualize all the beautiful initiatives that have arisen in recent years, Seneca has been asked to realize the De Appelboom website.

Collaboration site

The direct living and working environment is vitally important for residents and entrepreneurs of Wijdemeren. Here (small) children play, nature is enjoyed and guests are received. It is therefore in everyone's interest that this space is maintained and meets the wishes of the people who use it almost every day. Together with residents, companies and institutions, Wijdemeren looks at the possibilities of neighborhood initiatives. There are already more than 100, which have been collected on the new website DeAppelboom.nl.

This is where residents come together with the municipality and cooperate with interested residents. All projects are clearly arranged in a map of Wijdemeren up to district level. Each project has its own page with photos and a description of the relevant project.

Project De Appelboom

The realization of the project was a successful cooperation between different parties. For example, a logo, corporate identity and web design was developed especially for the project by Woohoo design. Gemeente Wijdemeren provided the site with all the content and Seneca took care of the technical realization of the site, by building the site in the content management system (CMS Smartsite). The result is a brilliant site where all the in-betweens and entrepreneurs from Wijdemeren reap the benefits!

Team members