Seneca projecten op een sfeerplaat met de suggestie van een digitale snelweg

GGZ NHN | Formulieren

Together with GGZ Noord-Holland-Noord (GGZ NHN), Seneca has connected its forms server to Edifact, an international standard for electronic data exchange. GGZ NHN uses the Seneca Forms Server to, among other things, arrange registrations between the general practitioners (the main referrers) and the GGZ.

To combine forces

GGZ NHN specializes in mental health care with severe psychiatric complaints and believes in joining forces. Where necessary, they work together with other organizations such as; care institutions, general practitioners, authorities, police, social organizations and other partners. Niek Kuijper MBA, Manager Marketing & Communications at GGZ NHN: "Short lines are crucial. Online forms make short lines possible and ensure the safe transfer of information. "

Digital intake

In addition to use for the regular forms, the forms server was soon used for communication between general practitioners and GGZ. "The registration of general practitioners to GGZ NHN is now being provided by the Forms server, where this used to take place by e-mail or fax," continues Niek Kuijper. "By having the registration take place via an online form with an Edifact link, the chance of errors has decreased considerably. All data is now transferred completely and securely, making the intake process faster and more efficient."

In the course of time more processes with online forms are supported and automatically handled. It is important that online processing has added value for the processing time, safety and efficiency, so that this benefits the treatment of people.

Seneca Forms Server: securely sent and saved

All input data sent and stored from a form are encrypted by Seneca by default. Seneca uses a secure internet connection with SSL encryption (Secure Sockets Layer) to encrypt the data. More information about the secure transfer of information and the Seneca forms server and can be found on