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In mid-2015, the website of Antares, the housing corporation in Tegelen, was renewed. Seneca took care of the technical innovation and implemented the design proposed by Antares. The website is even more user-friendly, clearer and more complete than before.


With the new interactive website, Antares is digitally available 24/7 for customers and stakeholders. Based on subject blocks, visitors can now see at a glance where they need to be.

Antares hopes to be of better service to its customers in a time when both customers and Antares are increasingly organizing and organizing digitally.

Responsive design

The new site is fully in line with the digital developments for communication and services. It is therefore suitable for use via mobile devices. Thanks to the responsive design, the size of the website adapts to all types of devices, such as smartphones, tablets and computers.

Curious about the result? View the new website at www.thuisbijantares.nl!

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