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Content Management

Creating, managing and controlling content does not have to be a complicated process. Smartsite proves this and offers you tools and functionality to manage your content. Everyone can create, manage or publish content from the PC and the laptop, but also from a tablet. Smartsite 7 offers efficient and effective links to current Social Media platforms and powerful publication, management and monitoring tools that are intuitive to operate.

Smartsite 7

Smartsite is completely web-based. From any workplace, at home or at the office, the user can get started with Smartsite 7. The Smartsite 7 Dashboard is the central place where editors can perform their tasks. By choosing a task-oriented approach, the management of content and functionality becomes intuitive and low-threshold. This gives Smartsite 7 a very short learning curve. The Dashboard consists of two parts: the upper part gives access to the tasks, the second part consists of informative widgets.


Smartsite is developed in Microsoft .Net and has a four-layer architecture. Thanks to this architecture, Smartsite is extremely flexible. A distinction has been made between presentation, business logic, data management and data storage. This has been implemented consistently and makes Smartsite the preferred candidate for integration with other systems.

During the development of Smartsite 7, two basic principles were applied: Smart Interface Architecture (SIA) and Structured Content Management (SCM). These principles are leading in the development of Smartsite 7 and in this version translated into task oriented work and structured management of content.

Functions and Modules

The CMS Smartsite 7 is modular and offers standard functionality and standard components. This makes it fairly easy to develop stable, task oriented and future proof web applications, such as a website, intranet and a knowledge system.

More information

Curious about Smartsite 7 or getting acquainted with Smartsite 7? Contact us for a free demonstration.

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