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Social Intranet

With a corporate intranet you provide employees with up-to-date information. With a Social Intranet, employees provide up-to-date information. With a Social Intranet from Seneca you combine both worlds. Employees can find each other, help each other and stay informed of all the corporate and social news. Put your employees first and start sharing knowledge, expertise and experience.

Corporate meets social

In addition to corporate content that is placed from the Intranet editors, the Social Intranet consists of content posted by the users. Users create and assess content and thereby create the Intranet. Content that is created by many users (user generated content) is voluminous and often volatile. That is why we make a distinction between user generated content and corporate content. The Seneca Social Intranet therefore consists of an integrated environment that is closely connected, complement and reinforces the Social and corporate content. Both invite you to view information on the intranet, create content and respond to content.

User oriented

The user is central to the Seneca Social Intranet. He starts with a dashboard where he can view and change his profile. On the dashboard he immediately sees the newly posted social and corporate messages. The user also has a clear overview of his interest groups. Because employees talk about and respond to your corporate content, important matters are automatically brought to the attention. From the dashboard, the corporate information is just one click away.

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