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Forms Server

Are you looking for a forms solution with which you can really get everything from the shelf? Then you are good with the Seneca Forms Server. Whether your forms are simple or complex, with the Seneca Forms Server they are created quickly and effectively. The existing standard forms and standard components help you get started. Customize your forms with the intuitive 'drag-and-drop' interface and make them completely to your liking.

Forms in the Cloud

You do not have to install any software locally to work with the Seneca Forms Server. All functions are available online, so you can always work on your forms. When you want it, wherever you are. Distribute your forms using e-mail, Social Media or publish them on an internet or intranet site via a hyperlink or iframe. All results are sent securely (via SSL) to the cloud servers of Seneca.


Functions and Modules

The success of your online form fully depends with the user friendliness of it. With the Seneca Forms Server you create clear forms that the user understands and that helps the user to complete te form. For example, complex forms can be presented over multiple pages, forms can be pre filled with already known information of the user, the user can add attachments and a user can fill in the completed forms. In addition, users do not have to answer unnecessary questions. Make use of the routing functionality with which you only ask questions that are relevant.

More information

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Additional Services

  • Training

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