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Digital counter

With a digital counter, customers arrange their business online. At the time that suits the customer best. During office hours, but also after closing time. A digital counter completes your service. No replacement, but a welcome addition to the contact possibilities with your organization. Your visitor and your organization both benefit: your visitor is never queing again, fewer mistakes are made and the current status of an application is directly online.

Always open: 24/7

In a digital counter there are no waiting times, applications are submitted in full and fewer errors are made. Thanks to a perfect connection to your mid and back office applications, the whole process is handled digitally from request to completion. Your customer can view a status, pick up a temporarily stored request or make a completely new application. Give digital insight into the progress and status of the process and you give customers the best user experience they could wish for.

Maximum security

Seneca can submit a TPM (Third Party Communication) that demonstrates that Seneca meets strict security requirements. To this end, Seneca has an annual assessment carried out by a Register EDP Auditor. The requirements do not only consist of technical, but also organizational aspects. Consider, for example, the establishment of the security policy and checking for its implementation.

Part solutions at the Digital Desk

E-counter for the government

In the E-counter, filled-in forms are automatically processed thanks to the standard plug-ins for logging in (DigiD), paying (Ogone) and the mid and back office links. The ideal starting point for the interactive and transactional activities of the government. The most important functions of Seneca's E-counter are described on: www.formenserver.nl/eloket.

Tenant portal

In a tenant's portal, tenants can submit a repair request, change details, view property details or conclude a payment arrangement. Fast and easy, just at home at the computer, on the couch with a tablet or on the go with the mobile phone. Because the portal connects to your back office systems, tenants have direct access to crucial information for them.

To work!

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