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Knowlegde System

Quickly find the right answer. By recording knowledge and information from the organisation, you answer most questions in the first contact. By managing this knowledge well, the answers remain uniform and up-to-date. You can find all relevant information on one screen. The information available is linked in a smart way. A sea of information that remains well organized and accessible. With the knowledge system of Seneca, you have optimal grip on the correct answer.

With the Seneca Knowledge System you give the correct answer during the first contact. The number of recurring telephone calls decreases immediately and employees in the back office are relieved. The use of a knowledge system therefore offers benefits for the customer and your own organization.

Quickly the right answer

Do you want to give the right answer quickly? Then the information in the system must be properly maintained of course. Fortunately, the Knowledge System supports this process from start to finish.

Back office staff publish their knowledge in the knowledge system. By doing this, they quickly notice that they are being subjected to fewer (repetitive) questions from the front office. These front office employees are proactively alerted to the presence of new and/or changed information. Do they observe that information is incorrect, incomplete, or out of date? Then they can also submit a request for renewed content.

To ensure that content is and remains current, the knowledge owner sets a best before date. The knowledge owner reviews his knowledge on the expiry date and changes or removes the knowledge if necessary. This way the entire organization works together on working on current answers and optimal customer contact.

Making choices with the decision tree

The knowledge system is equipped with a decision tree. On the telephone it is immediately clear who is responsible for complicated issues. An example from practice:

A damage report is received by a housing association. Who is responsible for the repair costs? The knowledge system guides the co-worker through the process. Are there any selfmade changes? Or is a service subscription missing with the corporation? Then the tenant is responsible himself. The use of the decision tree provides clarity for the tenant and the corporation employee. Unnecessary costs are avoided.

Clear answers

With the Seneca knowledge base:

  • Your customer receives a uniform answer;
  • Act on the customer contact without transferring;
  • You reach an excellent service level;
  • Map the customer needs;
  • Make your information transparent and directly applicable;
  • Easily adjusts your information;
  • You have the right (branch) content right away.

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