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Enterprise Search

Companies are storing more and more information. This increases the amount of information and is stored in different sources. But how do you ensure that the stored information is quickly found again?

Search once

Thanks to the powerful search engine Enterprise Search you can quickly search the website, the intranet, subsites, documents, databases and/or external applications. To make this possible, we use different search and indexing techniques. The site visitor gets a real Enterprise Search experience: one search results directly from different sources.

Search technology

Enterprise Search is a powerful search solution that makes it possible to quickly index and find content from own and external sources. For this we use Elastic Search, a scalable and super-fast search solution that builds its own database with information (an index) of all sources. Elastic Search is an open source product from Dutch soil and is used internationally by organizations such as Facebook, Netflix, Zalando and Symantec.

Your search question is central

Before we configure Enterprise Search, we go through the search with you and the project team:

  • Do you want to offer search functionality on a public environment (website) or on a closed environment (intranet)?
  • Which sources should be searchable?
  • Are all sources to be searched available to everyone?
  • Is all information available to everyone within these sources?

If the goal of the organization and the sources to be searched are mapped, we will get to work.

Quick start

With Enterprise Search you can get started quickly. Seneca configures Enterprise Search so that all discussed sources are indexed.

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