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About Seneca

We help our customers to support and accelerate work processes. Our strength lies in automating the solution. This way our customers respond more quickly to the needs of their end customer. By providing the right, up-to-date and relevant information. Online, at the desk and from the KCC.

About our People

With a team of talented and committed people, we use the latest web technology to create intuitive and user-friendly software. Software that you can get started with. Meet our employees and discover the power of Seneca.

About our products

The software products from Seneca are modular, so you only pay for the products that you really use. Our products are flexible, so that the software adapts to your needs. And of course our products are future-proof. So you always benefit from new functionality that comes with an update.

Our products use industry standards and are provided with relevant links to frequently used applications. In this way, Seneca's software seamlessly connects to your own work process, prevents manual work or retyping and you can quickly and safely send the correct online information to the right person.

About our branches Housing, Government and Care

Seneca products can be found everywhere. In business and in the non-profit sector. Within this, Seneca is strongly represented in municipalities, housing corporations and healthcare institutions. Many of our products therefore contain industry-specific adjustments. And our consultants? They know exactly what is going on in your sector so that we can advise you well on decisions about current themes.