Sfeerbeeld voor Periodiek Schenken, waarop een klein jongetje een paardenbloem schenkt aan een jong meisje.
  • Published on Tuesday, December 12, 2017

Easily donate: PeriodiekSchenken.nl

The obligation of a notarial deed to benefit from regular donations with tax deductions has expired on 1 January 2014. Instead, a low-threshold and valid alternative has been developed where any good cause can be closed from November 15: PeriodiekSchenken.nl. Schenkers conclude a Periodic Donation Agreement online with the charity of their choice.

Online agreement Regular donation with tax benefit

A periodic donation to a good cause only brings tax benefit if it is recorded in a legally signed agreement. The familiar process, in which a paper agreement has to be printed, completed and sent by post (despite the absence of the notarial intervention) is very laborious.

Software supplier Seneca therefore developed an online form with which the agreement is digitally drawn up and digitally signed. That offers convenience, overview and financial benefit.

Together with a number of charities, Seneca has optimized the form and the periodic donation agreement for digital use. Thanks to the digital solution these charities saw the number of successfully concluded agreements quickly rise. The donor can start the entire process and complete it directly from behind the PC, the tablet or the mobile phone.

Portal PeriodiekSchenken.nl

To make the success of the digital agreement available to all charities, Goede Doelen Nederland and Seneca came up with a new concept: the portal PeriodiekSchenken.nl. There information is shown about the affiliated charities and the donor can start a standard form to conclude a periodic donation agreement.



Benefits for donor

Easily done, from home

From your laptop, tablet or Smartphone

Tax benefit

Advantage of offering gifts


Advantages ANBI

No entry costs

Pay according to use

Own page on periodiekschenken.nl

Clear statistics


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